ING Entreprise


With over 200 issues published during a period of more than 30 years, the magazine ING Entreprise is a real institution in banking communication. Elixis took over production of the magazine in 2006 and revamped it completely. From being a general economic magazine, ING Entreprise has become a relational medium that aims to develop a strong link between ING and its ‘midcorp’ customers.

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For 12 years, the magazine ING Entreprise produced by Elixis has been offering:

  • Portraits of ING customers, sharing their stories, their successes and sometimes their doubts, in order to inspire readers through success stories from every sector of industry and from all over the country.
  • Articles and dossiers highlighting ING’s expertise in banking services, whether it is by presenting new products, innovative approaches or banking services for SME customers.
  • Topics of general interest in non-banking areas (human resources, tax and finance, ICT etc.), intended to support business managers facing different challenges on a day-to-day basis.

Elixis has also produced many videos of events and customer portraits for ING.

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4 issues per year

24 pages

Published in French and Dutch

Publisher: ING Belgique S.A.

Editor-in-Chief: Cécilia Bernadou, Christiaan Vinkenborg

Category: Finance